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Kelly Carlson

Kelly Carlson

I've been a Licensed Esthetician since 2007 and skincare is my calling, the sacred work I’m meant to do in the world.

Nothing is more exciting to me than seeing my client’s skin transform over time, and ultimately witnessing how this healing process improves not only one’s complexion, but how caring for their skin can create a positive ripple effect into the rest of their lives.

Eyebrows are one of the first things I notice on someone.

I’ve been obsessed with eyebrows from a very young age, and begged my best friend in junior high to let me tweeze hers!  Since then, I have improved my method and have gained a loyal following for my Brow Shaping skills.  I truly believe they are the most important feature on your face; if eyes are the window to the soul, then brows are the frame.
I got my start in the industry as a Brazilian waxer, and this waxing service continue to be one of my most sought after services.  I take great pride in making my clients feel comfortable during this intimate service.

I believe it is every woman’s birthright to feel beautiful in her skin.

I am a seeker. This passion has led me to increase my knowledge with the best industry professionals.  My educational highlights include the Expert Program with The International Dermal Institute in 2012, becoming a Certified Billion Dollar Brow Artist in 2014, and The Pastiche Method of Skin Analysis in 2015.  In addition to industry-specific training,

I am always learning about new and ancient ways of healing.  Proper nutrition and spiritual health are both important elements that, if neglected, will manifest with skin imbalances.

This journey has led becoming initiated as a Qoya Teacher in 2015.  This movement form can absolutely change how you connect with your body, and therefore your skin.