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On the journey healing my own acneic, reactive skin, and as a Licensed Skincare Professional since 2007, I've discovered to truly love our skin and the woman who resides within, calls for courage to evolve beyond conventional skincare.
The typical relaxing "cream and steam" facials sadly don't create real, lasting biological changes in the skin's function, and the vast majority of modern approaches rely on "inject, plump and peel" methods that take you down a slippery slope that leads to a crash and burn.
There is so much more possible!
My private, holistic skincare practice bridges worlds: ancient wellness techniques, scientifically advanced bioavailable topical skin nutrition, non invasive modern technology, and mindfulness practices to harmonize and empower you on every level, from soul to skin.

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Skin has an innate vibrancy and only ever seeks balance in the interest of our protection. What we often perceive as "flaws" is in actuality, an expression of this wisdom. This respectful, awe-inspiring understanding is the foundation for a life long loving partnership with your reflection and the way you feel inside it.
Our skin is one of the first levels of communication. It is dynamic, alive, and connected to every other organ and system in the body as well as an expression of emotional and spiritual stagnancy that is calling for clearing. Responding, not reacting or forcing, creates space for authentic radiance to reveal itself.
I use a multidimensional approach in guiding you to unlock your natural beauty codes for the skin you have today, tomorrow and beyond.
Welcome to the experience of Infinite Beauty.



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