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Balm Season is here!

You know it’s balm season once the leaves start falling, humidity is dropping and the indoor heat is coming on. Your face requires a little extra protection from the elements and some extra assistance holding every precious droplet of moisture in your skin. Today, I am breaking down two different balms so you can choose which is right for you.

Browtopia Browboo Balm

This multi-tasking dry balm belongs on every woman’s Beauty Altar and to-go bag. Not only does it to a fabulous job as a brow balm to nourish delicate, dry brow hairs prone to breakage, it protects against sparseness and gives brows a pliable hold. Itchy, flakey, irritated skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis are a thing of the past with browboo balm! Ski trip, sledding with the kids, walking the dog in the frigid cold or out shoveling snow? Browboo balm is a fantastic cold weather protectant! And it’s newest skill is soothing skin in the mascne zone while adding an extra barrier to protect against friction. Lasts for hours!

It even gets better, this balm comes in a handy pocket-sized push-up tube that’s 100% biodegradable. You may want to buy two so you’re never without it!

Key Ingredients: Aloe, a blend of organic Sunflower and Cranberry Seed oils, Bamboo extract


Osmosis MD Remedy Healing Balm

This wet balm is the remedy for truly alipoid (doesn’t make much of its own oil) skin. It’s highly emollient and what sad skin that can feel like it cracks, inflamed, irritated conditions is crying out for. It’s alleviates redness and sign of distress. Not for the oily or acne-prone! But for the rest of you, the skin savior you’re looking for. This super-rich mask reinforces skin’s natural moisture content, deeply hydrates and leaves it suer-duper smoothed, softened and soothed. Layer a small amount under your moisturizer, use it as an overnight sleep mask, or remove after 10 minutes, your choice. Best Results when used at least twice weekly.

It’s natural aroma smells like warm and cozy like Italian Sugar Cookies!

Key Ingredients: Castor oil, Shea Butter, a rich blend of botanical oils and anti inflammatory healing agents


Which balm will you be using this season?


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