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Brows for Boobies

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and truthfully, it’s always a month that can really bother me because of how it has been capitalized on. I’m sure you’ve seen “Pink Ribbon” products almost everywhere you’ve been recently…at your salon, in line at your cafe, the end cap at Target, engaging you to be part of the cure.

Of course, I, as a woman and someone who has devoted her life to supporting, healing and empowering women, I am all for supporting this important cause. But one thing that really bothers me about Pinktober, is the hypocritical practice called “Pinkwashing.” The truth is that most of the Pink Ribbon products you see out there contain cancer-linked toxins.  If companies really cared about preventing cancer, wouldn’t they remove their ingredients that are linked to causing cancer?!  Please don’t fall for this! This article is a great resource to help you Think Before You Pink.

Secondly, I have serous reservations about Susan G. Komen. Most of their funding goes to advertising and 6 figure CEO salaries. I was super excited to find out about METAvivor recently, where 100% of every donation goes into their research grants. I’ve been thinking about what my business can do to support this cause, and do so with integrity. Which brings me to some more exciting news!

Our Brows for Boobies Campaign. For the month of October, we will donate 5% of all of our eyebrow products and service sales to METAvivor!

As many of you know, Custom Brow Shaping is one of our specialties here at Reveal. I was Certified as a Billion Dollar Brows Brow Ambassador in 2014, and Kristy is taking her Arch Addicts Training this weekend! These are both some of the best brow trainings in the biz!

We don’t do cookie cutter brows here, our goal is to bring out your own unique BeYOUtiful brow shape.

On top of that, we are an authorized seller of Billion Dollar Brows, a cosmetic line exclusively devoted to eyebrows. Your brows are in good hands here. So, are your breasts! As Holistic Estheticians, we are devoted to using and recommending products that are safe and healthy for the whole body.

You can beautify your brows and help another woman’s breast health by Booking your Custom Brow Shaping appointment here and purchasing Billion Dollar Brows products here. Now that feels like a beautiful thing to be a part of!





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