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appointment faqs



‏Unless you are in-studio pre-booking your next appointment, yes! I am a solo Esthetician and Schedulicity is my "virtual receptionist." Online Booking is the most secure, convenient way to book and modify your appointments with ease and available to you 24/7, which I cannot be.


‏Unless you are canceling with less than 24 Hours Notice, please manage your appointments online. Schedulicity has an App I highly recommend (you can stay logged in and not have to remember a password!). You may also log into your account on the Schedulicity website. Additionally, you can follow the link provided in your appointment confirmation and reminder emails. I recommend creating a folder to save these emails so you can easily access them when needed.
Please note, your appointment is not considered canceled until it has been removed it from the   schedule and freed up for other clients to fill the spot. Since Cancellations via voicemail, text, or email are considerably delayed compared to Online Booking, managing your Appointments online is required to avoid incurring a late Cancellation charge.
You will receive an email confirmation when your appointment is modified in any way. Should you choose to cancel via voicemail, text, or email and your message is not received before the 24 Hour notice deadline, you will be charged per the Cancellation Policy.
If you need to cancel with LESS THAN 24 Hours Notice, please call, email or text.

Online Booking says you don't have any openings for _ weeks! Can you fit me in any sooner?

‏I can be booked up many days, weeks, or even months in advance. Please keep checking back as new openings can become available. To get on my Waiting List, please call, text or email me with your appointment request and I will notify you in the event of a Cancellation or if I'm able to accommodate another way. Please plan ahead for important events and holidays.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with the following guidelines and policies.

I look forward to serving you for many more years!


Please turn off your phone when entering the studio.
Due to the nature of my services, please use discretion when bringing children to your appointment. I love meeting your babies, but want to make sure they're not a danger to themselves or others (hot wax, sharp instruments, chemicals, expensive electrical equipment). I also need to respect my neighbors and the noise volume in the building. My lease does not allow children to be left unattended in the hallway.


I accept cash, personal checks, and credit cards. Currently, the State of Minnesota does not require me to charge sales tax on services. Sales tax will be applied to product purchases.
Please note that my service prices do not include gratuity, which is customary and very appreciated. Most people tip as they would at a restaurant, usually about 15-20% of the services listed cost.


Please honor yourself by arriving on time so that you may enjoy the full-length of your appointment. In an effort to respect everyone’s time, including clients with appointments scheduled after yours, late arrivals can use the remaining appointment time to enjoy an abbreviated treatment. You will be charged for the originally scheduled services. If I have not heard from you 15 minutes past the originally scheduled time, it is considered to be a No-Show and you may not be able to receive your service as I will need to move on to other tasks demanding my time.


Please manage your Appointments online with my "virtual receptionist," Schedulicity.
Time is our precious asset. Please respect that mine is limited and desired by others and give me as much notice as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule so that I can offer your spot to another client and at least 24 Hours Notice to avoid being charged. Appointments rescheduled, changed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged the full price of the originally scheduled services. No exceptions.
All appointments are confirmed via email at the time of scheduling and three days prior to your appointment.
ILLNESS: Please consider the possibility that you may come down with an illness when booking your appointment. If you are sick and are choosing not to cancel because you feel you might be better in time to receive your treatment and then you are not, you will be charged if it is within the 24 hours cancellation time period. I ask that you consider the health of others when making this decision. If you arrive to your appointment sick, I reserve the right to refuse services and ask you to reschedule.
WEATHER: Your safety is important to me. Please consider how weather may affect your ability to make it to your appointment. The Weather forecast is in advance, so unless it takes a severe an unexpected turn, I do not make exceptions to the Cancellation Policy based on weather.
NO SHOWS: No-shows will also result in a full charge of the scheduled services. Additionally, each time you No-Show for an appointment, your client reliability rating goes down, and you are at risk of not being able to schedule an appointment in the future.
Please understand the firm adherence to these policies is not personal, but affects my personal livelihood and the sustainability of the business. I ask that you consider this charge an investment in a business that you hope to continue benefiting from in the future.


I guarantee results when products are used as recommended and purchased from Reveal Sacred Skincare. I ask that any questions or concerns about your products be addressed within 30 days of purchase and if we cannot resolve it, you may exchange or return your products for a full refund.
For your safety, results, and for the integrity of the energy exchange between us to remain intact, recommended products do need to be purchased from Reveal Sacred Skincare.
Product Diversion is a growing issue in the cosmetics industry. You can read more about this issue here.


Gift Certificates are redeemable for services only, and expire one year from the purchase date. Gift Certificates are non refundable. No cash back. If for some reason you cannot use your certificate within this time frame, please notify me and I can arrange for you to transfer it to another person. If the service you received a gift certificate for is no longer offered, the value will be applied to another service.