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Empower Your Immune System with Osmosis MD Wellness

Hi Beauties,

We are all concerned about protecting ourselves and our loved ones from COVID-19. I want to share some more unique options with you besides the obvious social distancing, vitamins and hand washing…which I trust you are all doing!

Dr. Ben Johnson, the mad genius behind Osmosis MD, has created unique, effective Wellness supplements with his proprietary technology. Now seems like the perfect time to share a little more about them with you!



Immune Defense Elixir

This is your “have on hand just in case” option. It is a broad spectrum anti-pathogen supplement that doesn’t work for prevention, but taken it at the first sign of infection, has been successful at helping many overcome viral conditions for several years (I can personally attest to this, having taken it several times for cold/flu symptoms!). Osmosis is encouraged by early results in cases presumed to be COVID-19 infections but official testing has yet to be performed at this time.

Dr. Ben is recommending the following dosages specifically for COVID-19:

  1. It is not harmful if you drink more than your calculated dose, but it is not helpful either.
  2. ½ bottle of Immune Defense for every 50lbs (23kg) taken within an hour. Another ½ bottle per 50lbs approximately 12 hours later.
  • 30lb (13kg) baby needs 1/3 bottle per dose, less than 1 bottle total (can be mixed with formula or flavor)
  • 50lb (23kg) baby needs ½ bottle per dose, 1 total
  • 110lb (45kg) person needs one bottle per dose, 2 total
  • 150lb (68kg) person needs 1.5 bottle per dose, 3 total
  • 200lb (90kg) person needs 2 bottles per dose, 4 total
  • In between weights simply round up, for example, a 175 (79kg) person should drink 2 bottles per dose, 4 total



Immune Activator

This is your daily prevention supplement. Taken sub-lingually to increase oxygen stores and improve the strength of your NK (Natural Killer) cells. These are a specific lymphocyte cell your immune system creates that is a part of your first line of defense against viral-infected cells.  The active ingredient is Trioxolane (INCI: ozonized Ethyl Oleate) which has clinically proven immune strengthening and anti viral properties, but has not been tested specifically on COVID-19 yet.

Dr. Ben is recommending the following dosages:

  • 1-2 dropper fulls/day.
  • Immune-compromised persons can increase this two 2 dropper fulls/day


All the above Wellness products are 15% off through the end of the month with Coupon Code “BEWELL”



Relax and Unwind Elixir

We all know that stress and disrupted sleep tanks our immune systems. If you need general support in these areas, I recommend this elixir! Relax and Unwind naturally promotes an enhanced state of tranquility and relaxation from the daily stresses of life. Designed to naturally enhance your sleep and achieve a calm mood, this relaxation supplement offers a healthy alternative to an over-the-counter sleep aid using Osmosis’s exclusive, clinically-proven technology.



Emotional Well Being Elixir

This elixir is more focused on relieving emotional patterns of fear, anxiety, and depression. Utilizing brain-replenishing plant minerals and cutting-edge frequency technology, this revolutionary supplement can be used to harmonize negative thinking patterns and their effect on the body, in addition to restoring a feel-good vibration. Stress-induced skin conditions and emotional unrest have met their match!


All the above Wellness products are 15% off through the end of the month with Coupon Code “BEWELL”



This is a topical anti-viral. It contains the same ingredient as Immune Activator, trioxolane. Used topically twice daily it can provide increased anti-viral protection to our facial skin. Since the face is one of the most endangered points of contamination, it makes sense to add protection. It has not been specifically tested for COVID-19 and is not meant to be definitive protection against infection. It is just one more potential barrier to entry. If you’re one the front line workers right now (I’m talking to you, my Nurses and Doctor clients!) I’m considering this a must.
This is also an amazing product to have in your arsenal if your skin is flaring up right now due to stress, such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, acne.


I am running low on a few items but more is on its way! Since Osmosis is made and distributed here in the US, they are responding to the increasing demand fairly quickly. If I run out of stock of something you need, please let me know and I’ll make sure you get it ASAP once the order comes in.

Text me 952-486-3079 or email me

May we we and all beings on this planet be well.

Sending so much love during these wild times,



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