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Introducing Browtopia!

I am excited to share these new organic brow products with you! I discovered Brooke Sanzari and her company, Browtopia, a few months ago through a collaboration she did with Jade Roller Beauty. Brooke is a working Brow Artist herself, and the loveliest person I have every worked with of any of the dozens of product lines I have chosen to represent in my 12 year Esthetician career! It feels so good to work with someone who is so transparent, personable, kind, and dedicated to creating the highest quality brow products with a commitment to sustainable beauty. Oh, and she loves animals and has a pet chinchilla. Cue the #womancrush I’ll stop myself and reveal to you these phenomenal new organic, Eco-conscious products for those oh-so-important window curtains to your soul!

Brow Artist created. Woman-owned. Organic ingredients. Eco-friendly packaging.


  • Browtopia Browboo gel The world’s FIRST organic brow cosmetic, formulated with bamboo extract, browboo gel is naturally high in silica, which adds growth, strength and luster to hair. Ginger encourages growth, while flaxseed and sage nourish and protect eyebrows to keep them healthy, lush and looking great. Includes an aaaaahmazing feeling roller ball massage applicator. $30


  • Browboo balm The bomb of all balms: Smooth, sleek, hold. Tame, nourish, protect. Perfection for snow bunnies, dry, sensitive skin sufferers and balm addicts everywhere. Crafted with the finest organic ingredients…this balm is rich in cranberry seed oil, high in Vitamin E and possesses a unique balance of omega fatty acids intended to heal, strengthen, and moisturize. Prevent sparse brows! Itchy, flaky, irritated skin conditions such as  eczema and psoriasis are a thing of the past with browboo balm! Also acts as a fantastic cold-weather protectant and is great for lips too! BONUS-Good for you and the earth, this is a zero waste product packaged in a 100% biodegradable paper push up tube! $21


  • Browtopia Brow Defining Powder Talc-free, infused with jojoba oil and kaolin clay, these powders compliment your natural beauty effortlessly. Smudge-resistant, healthy, natural beauty for your brows to add definition when needed. Available in four gorgeous, perfect match shades. $21


  • Browboo Brush The double-sided, sustainable, browboo brow brush. Your go-to tool for happy brows! Brush, blend, and nurture your eyebrows with an all-in- one beautiful, bamboo, cruelty-free, precision brush. Brushing stimulates circulation and nourishes the hair follicles for healthy, lush beautiful brows. Crucial to preventing sparseness and encouraging regrowth. Use this dynamic duo to blend your browtopia brow powder for a perfect, natural, brow definition. $16

I can’t wait for you to experience them at your next Custom Brow Shaping appointment, or of course you may Shop Online if you simply cannot wait!

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