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Is it really time for a chemical peel?

As summer turns transitions into fall, you may think (because almost every other beauty blog and magazine will tell you so) it’s time for a skin peel to reverse the sun damage that you accumulated all summer long. However, that simply doesn’t make sense, because chemical peels damage your skin. Let me explain, chemical peels essentially “burn off” the surface layers of the skin, and because the skin’s primary function is to protect your internal body, it will respond to this “emergency” by quickly trying to replace those cells that have been removed to keep your skin at a safe level of density.


While peels may temporarily result in smoother, plumper, brighter skin, it is at a high cost. Because you’ve removed that protective layer of the skin, you’ve compromised your barrier function, allowing an increase of trans epidermal water loss (this means your skin will end up drier) and DNA-damaging free radicals in and making your skin photo(sun)sensitive in a way that even the highest quality SPF can’t counteract. Additionally, you’ve disrupted the skin’s entire function, because those “dead” surface cells are actually essential to communication with all of the cells below. It’s like killing off the king of the castle and now nobody knows what to do! Lastly, you’ve introduced inflammation, which may temporarily plump fine lines and wrinkles due to swelling, but now this inflammatory response will further break down whatever precious collagen has been created by this wound response. Yes, chemical peels wound the skin. There are different grades of collagen, and chemical peels create poor quality collagen that is essentially scar tissue, not the soft, supple, resilient collagen that makes up a beautiful, healthy complexion. Chemical peels are a two steps forward, three steps back approach that will catch up with you. Peels only put a superficial band aid on the symptoms of aging, while damaging the skin further down. Inflammation ages the skin. Period.


At this point, you might be thinking, so what should I do? Here at Reveal, we have something far better! Let me introduce you to the Osmosis Facial Infusion, a chemical-free, acid free “peel.” This professional treatment has all of the same, and even more benefits, of a traditional peel without any of the damage. You will not experience burning, redness, or peeling like a snake. You will not be introducing toxic chemicals to your body. It is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding clients. You will not be photosensitive.


With a monthly Facial Infusion, what you will experience is that circulation and oxygenation will increase and so your skin will get what we call “the Osmosis glow,” dark spots will lighten, fine lines and wrinkles will plump, volume will increase, redness will dissipate, rosacea and acne will be soothed. All of this without wounding and inflaming the skin, and the results will last long-term.


You see, the Facial Infusion uses a unique form of Vitamin A, Retinaldehyde, plus a winning formula of other ingredients (like willow herb, 1,3 beta glucan, hyaluronic acid, sea buckthorn, essential fatty acids, b vitamins and vitamin e) along with liposomal delivery to essentially feed the deepest layer of your epidermis, stimulating a 30 day boost of cell renewal and collagen production from the inside out. We nourish the skin instead of burning it. The Facial Infusion enhances results for acne, aging, rosacea and hyperpigmentation and can be customized by adding professional-strength powder blends and actives for increased correction.


You’ll need to feed your skin on a daily basis with your homecare regimen as well. We require a daily use of on of our recommended Vitamin A serums to prep your skin for the Facial Infusion, so you don’t end up over-feeding the skin, which can be overstimulating and cause excessive dryness or sensitivity.


Lucky you, our fall promo gives you a complimentary one month supply of a Vitamin A serum and activating mist (a $42 value) when you purchase a series of three of our signature facial, The Ultimate Reveal, with Kristy.

You’ll receive three of The Ultimate Reveal facials, one to prep your skin and two will include the Facial Infusion. You’ll need to book your first one in September, and use up them all within 100 days, approximately 30 days apart.

You can get started by booking your first appointment now. Even better to book them all to stay on track! You’ll pre-pay for your series ($450) at the time of your first appointment, and receive your complimentary product ($42 value) at that time.

Book The Ultimate Reveal with Kristy now.

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