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LIMITED EDITION Spiced Golden Pear Facial

Combining Golden Pear Enzymes with a Frankincense/Myrrh Nourishing Mask brings holiday memories, and your skin, back to life through spicy aromatherapy and nourishing actives. This Facial Treatment is designed to relax a stressed mind while soothing your skin.

Includes luxurious Deep-cleansing + aroma steam towels, Golden Pear Spiced Enzyme, pulverized aroma mist + Frankincense/Myrrh Nourishing Mask. LED Light Therapy to calm inflammation, stimulate plumping/firming skin protein production, and combat SAD. Hand/Arm/Shoulder Massage + Gemstone rolling to relieve sinuses + holiday stress, address healthy lymph flow, increase glow, penetrate custom serum actives + final moisture.


Golden Pear Spiced Enzyme: This pear puree has a moisturizing effect on the skin through it’s pectin and 5% Lactic Acid. It also has the benefits of a Winter Complex including the use of the DermaPep peptide with retinoic effects to stimulate collagen and reduce photo-damage, the ayurvedic plant Indian Senna to hydrate dry skin, and the Mirabilis Jalapa Flower to soothe sensitive skin. Pinolumin, which is a concentrated extract of Swiss stone pine, calms skin hypersensitivity and reduces skin redness.

Frankincense/Myrrh Nourishing Mask: This creamy, hydrating mask contains Frankincense and Myrrh oils from tree resin/sap that have anti-inflammatory properties. Clove oil is an antioxidant and also provides antibacterial properties. This mask also includes the Winter Complex.

Dr. Lucas Championniere:  This unique atomizer spray carries plant extracts, herbal teas, essential oils, skin refreshers, and astringents to the face in a very fine mist. It can help hydrate the epidermis, aid in maintaining the skin’s suppleness, and deep cleanse the pores through its cool steam effect.

Gemstone Rolling: Promotes blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, relieving sinus congestion, plumping the skin, toning facial muscles, increasing elasticity and collagen production, minimizing pores, reducing inflammation, puffiness, and discoloration. Additional benefits can be experienced depending on the gemstone chosen for your treatment!

Celluma LED Light Therapy: This non-invasive therapy delivers essential energy to your cells, increasing ATP production, stimulating cell regeneration, and fibroblasts (collagen-making cells), effectively firming your skin, healing and repairing damaged cells that can contibute to acne, rosacea, and hyper pigmentation. Research also shows a “mood-boosting effect.”

$150+ ($185 value) for 70 minutes of winter skin love and holiday stress relief!
Available while supplies last Nov-Jan. 6 only.

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