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Mascne, the newest skin woe Part Two

Yesterday I explained why masks were causing Mascne, emphasizing that compassion was essential to navigating this skin woe (and all of them really!), and encouraged you to get quiet and practice your skintuition.


Now, I’ll get more specific with how you can be proactive. Understanding that stress, mask material, the mask environment and long wear times are critical components that cause Mascne, here are my recommendations to counteract their effects.


Protect and Nourish the Barrier


Your skin’s barrier is made up of your acid mantle, lipid barrier, and microbiome. Collectively, it inhibits the growth of external stressors like other bacteria, fungi, and pathogens in general.


First, reduce friction and chemical irritants by choosing a mask made from silk. Silk’s texture is not only softer and smoother than other fabrics, but it’s naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria, dust mites, fungus, mold and other allergens. Clean them often with a natural, fragrance free detergent. If you have to wear a mask all day, consider having two or three you can swap out, and hand wash in the sink to dry overnight. The longer a mask is worn, the more moisture increases, forcing substances into the skin that don’t belong there, disrupting healthy skin function and burdening it further.


Topically, less is more. Highly stimulating ingredients like Vitamin A, C, and Niacinamide may not be beneficial for you right now if your skin is screaming Enough! Always avoid synthetic fragrance and dyes. Avoid wearing any foundation around this area as it will just end up being pushed into the pores, creating a clogs and becoming an irritant. Switch up your regular moisturizer for a healing balm that offers more of a layer between your skin and the mask. This pocket-sized balm is also wonderful for spot coverage on-the-go. Overnight, use this avocado based oil to soothe, repair, and replenish essential lipids. You can use it alone, or mix it in with your favorite moisturizer.


For cleansing, use a gentle cleansing oil, manuka honey or soothing balm that doesn’t strip the barrier and instead, actually nourishes it while you cleanse. Eliminate any exfoliation in this area, other than a super gentle cleansing sponge. Restore hydration with this mist, that contains Fulvic Acid, a nutrient known to neutralize toxins, reduce inflammation, improve cellular metabolism while providing anti microbial properties. Use this after cleansing, before or after any serums, and throughout the day as a mist. You may also soak cotton rounds with it and carry in a baggie in your purse to use as a gentle toning pad to cleanse the area in between wearing the mask.


For next level support, this epidermal repair serum contains a unique oxygen molecule that stimulates your skin’s cellular immunity, drastically reducing any kind of inflammation response in the skin. You can layer it twice a day under the balm or any moisturizer or facial oil.

Support the deeper levels of your skin


Encourage healthy circulation with gentle facial massage, such as lymphatic drainage and acupressure. These Holistic skincare tools are also really effective. Gemstone rolling is an easy, effective way to create that essential flow beneath the skin, and feels so soothing. My Skin Buddy, a gentle 4 in 1 advanced technology facial tool creates healthy movement in the skin cells with ultrasonic vibrations. The Blue or Green light options target inflammation. Blue for acne, Green for redness and irritation.


In summary, here are my specific recommendations:


  • Rest, compassion and self-love
  • Maskless time breathing fresh air and enjoying the sunshine
  • Develop a Skintuition practice
  • Switch to a silk mask, change and wash them regularly

Sources: Luala Silk on Etsy or HB


Please let me know if you found this helpful, and share with a loved one who is dealing with this issue. These may be unprecedented times, but the skin’s needs never change, only the environment it’s trying to maintain balance in. I’m here to guide you.


With love, beauty, and gratitude,



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