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My Top Four Skin Tips for Radiant Skin

This really is it, beauties!

First and foremost, the presence you bring to your skin matters SO much, the way you would a newborn baby. Be curious. No matter how it appears to be behaving, it’s not acting out against you, it’s only ever communicating with you and requiring your loving presence and response. Your intention determines so much of your outcome!
Skin Tips
Secondly, your barrier (acid mantle, pH, microbiome, lipids, protective layer) demands the utmost respect. Don’t disrupt the barrier, so stop with the peels, scrubs, Clarisonic brushes, harsh washcloths, peel-off masks, anti-bacterial soaps, sulfates, etc. These approaches may have an immediate, temporary benefit but at a great cost to the skin that results in increased sensitization, premature aging, dehydration and breakouts.

Third, high-quality cosmeceuticals are my jam. Cosmetic chemistry has come a looooong way in recent years. Ingredients matter. Sourcing matters. Delivery systems matter. pH matters. Concentration matters. Formulation matters!! Cheap fillers and pore cloggers, even if they’re “natural” are no good! What doesn’t matter? Marketing hype. I don’t care what a brand’s message is, flip those bottles over and look at the ingredients!

Last, but definitely not least, is that the skin NEEDS movement….meaning blood and lymph flow. This naturally brings in nutrition and oxygen, and removes toxins and waste. So, stop with the botox and massage your face!! Gemstone rollers are fab, Gua Sha, Kansa, and your own two hands work wonders! Unravel those patterns of stress and tension. With flow, comes glow!

Was this helpful? Is there ONE thing you think you could switch up to improve your complexion? Is there an area you feel you’re rocking it? I wanna know.

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