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Happy New Decade! Every year I choose a word, a theme if you will, to carry me through the next year. My word for 2020 is “Deepening.”

I have been deeply immersed in reviewing and refining my business, including my website and my new Facial Menu. I’m now calling these Facial Sessions, instead of Treatments, because they are so much more than just treating the skin! If you’re a regular client, you know I am continuously expanding my knowledge and have been squeezing more and more into our appointments over the last couple of years. It has felt like wearing a pair of shoes I’ve outgrown!

Between November of 2019 and March of 2020 alone, I will have completed a Natural Brow Design program with Regina Brows, Gua Sha Training with Britta Plug, and Face Sculpting Massage with Vladimir The Face Mentor. All this, just as I was integrating the shifts from my TimeLight Pro Mentorship with Amy Wall. All of these leading-edge industry Pros have one thing in common: Deepening! Embracing more and more of the Beauty you were designed to be, whether that be by restoring flow in the fascia, clearing stagnancy in the Lymph, deep muscle release and lifting, allowing your natural brow anatomy to shine, or imprinting your own consciousness into your skin rituals. Every product, technology or technique incorporated into my sessions is about restoring healthy, harmonious function and flow on every level of your being, from skin to soul.

The time has come for an update! My skincare practice is shifting into a simplified, bespoke model, so that I may continue to evolve my skill set and tailor your sessions to give you the most optimum, synergistic effects. Additionally, I am responding to the increasing need for physical and spiritual respite in our fast-paced, often troubling world. I feel strongly that a collective awakening of centered, empowered, radiant women is the key to creating a more beautiful, reverent world and am committed to doing my part. With my guidance and your trust and receptivity, you can expect your visits to Reveal to not only continuously increase the vitality of your complexion but also be an opportunity to remember the beautiful essence of who you are. This is all a fanciful way to say I’ll be inviting you to define your Skintention, slow down, and tune in to yourself more. Some may call this a more Yin, or feminine approach, and a much needed balance to our Yang way of life.

It has already been such a rewarding experience to deepen my relationship with many of you, and more importantly, witness your connection with yourself deepening over these last few months as I’ve been navigating this shift. As I celebrate 9 years in business next month, it is truly incredible to steward Reveal’s evolution. Thank you for being a part of it. Cheers!

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