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New Signature Service: Reveal The Queen

I am thrilled to announce this new offering, years in the making!

First, a story. Three and a half years ago, I went on a Pilgrimage. I started in Ireland, where I hiked to Queen Maeve’s tomb. I said a prayer for the feminine to rise, to know the kind of Power that is WITH the Divine that moves THROUGH us, not OVER anyone else. Power that is being in a space of awareness of what you ARE, a conscious creator, and your inherent worth, not something you have outside yourself.

Then, I traveled to France, where I spent a week in this castle, feeling like a Queen for my Qoya Intensive Teacher Training. While I haven’t taught Qoya since I was a few months pregnant with my son, I still practice regularly. Qoya is a significant part of who I am, after 5+ years of practice. (Side Note: I miss teaching tons and hope to return to it in The New Year.)  As a reminder, Qoya is an Embodiment Practice that uses movement as medicine to help women remember their essence.  Qoya is a Quechuan word that means Queen. As Rochelle Schieck, creatrix of Qoya describes, Queen as in the Feminine manifestation of Higher Consciousness, NOT as in an emotionally distant, bejeweled figure who holds inherited power.  As part of our training, we did an Angelic Breath Healing with Madeline Giles where we connected with the Qoya, the pre-incan civilization. I received a powerful insight about my own Power, and that I could help other women reclaim theirs as well and discover their gifts. When I returned home, I taught a Qoya class with the theme, “Awaken the Queen.” It’s one of my favorite classes I ever taught.queen outside a castle

I wanted SO much to translate this into a facial experience for my skin care clients…because I can talk all day about how powerful women are, but it’s in the embodied experience that the message can be RECEIVED.

Since I was a child, I have felt energy in people, plants and animals. On my own healing journey, I’ve worked intensely with Shamans, energy workers and invested in psychic development courses. As my self-awareness grew so did my ability to sense energetic patterns in my clients that almost always were mirrored in their skin. In these past few months, I invested in a Business Mentorship with the perfect guide to help me FINALLY create this for you, Award-Winning Esthetician and Conscious Beauty Guide Amy Wall.

I’m thrilled to announce this most transformative service:

Reveal the Queen : a hybrid facial and energetic experience

This empowering, mindful beauty session is a hybrid facial and energetic experience that will leave you restored and radiant skin-to-soul.

During our consultation, we explore what you are currently experiencing on your face and connect with what you desire to see. My intuition clarifies the patterns your skin is reflecting, and together we define the results we’ll co-create.

These Skintentions guide the session, as new energetic patterns will be imprinted for your future skin and self. Your Beauty will be activated on all levels.

I guide you to release what’s no longer serving you, including what your skin is reflecting with imbalances, congestion, tension, and lines. You are harmonized down to the cellular level with Celluma LED Light Therapy and nano-delivered, concentrated skin nutrition.

Allow me to facilitate a healing experience that you will reclaim your Sovereignty, your Beauty, and awaken the Queen you are.

$225 Available for a Limited Time Introductory Offer at $165
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