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Niacinamide for a plump, glowing complexion

In my opinion, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) is one of the most important cosmeceuticals to incorporate into your topical regimen. Here’s why:

•it is well-researched and multi functional
•most skin types tolerate it well and it benefits aging skin, oily/acneic skin, rosacea, Melasma and so much more!
•improves skin elasticity and sagging
•reduces redness by restoring optimum circulation
•reduces the appearance of pores
•helps dissipate hyperpig­mentation
•antioxidant benefits
•reduces basal and squamous cell cancers by an unprecedented 20%
•it acts as a co-factor in lipid and fatty acid synthesis which improves the skin’s barrier function. It also increases moisture levels by boosting the effectiveness of other moisturizing ingredients.

Sourcing matters to get consistent results. I carry several serums containing high concentrations of this powerhouse ingredient and can recommend the right level of stimulation for your skin. Just reach out or book an appointment!

Niacinamide is also a key ingredient in my Professional Infusion treatment, included in The Ultimate Reveal and Reveal the Queen facial experiences.

Feed your skin well and she’ll take great care of you!

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