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Osmosis Rebranding Guide

The next time you purchase your Osmosis favorites you may notice they look different. They recently rolled out new packaging and changed some product names which could previously be confusing as they were very similar to each other. Please note, the skin care formulas you have used and loved are not different, just a handful of names and the look of the packaging have changed. You will not see a difference in how your products feel and perform. Packaging will now be 100% recyclable!
Five skin care product names are being affected:
1. Quench Plus+ is now Hydrate
2. Refresh PM is now Illuminate
3. Clear is now Infuse
4. Clear Plus+ is now Boost 

Wellness line updates:

1. Restore is now Immune Activator*
*This is now in a dropper bottle.

2. Complete is now Digestive Support
3. Pathway is now Skin Clarifier
4. Environmental Detox (DIM) is now Skin Defense*
*This has been reformulated with the addition of two new antioxidants


The supplements will now come in resealable bags, not bottles (I am THRILLED about this).

Harmonized Waters
There have also been some exciting upgrades to the Frequency Enhanced Waters (now called Elixirs) from Osmosis. All of the Elixirs, which have new names, now contain 75 cell-activating, plant-based minerals that are 100,000 times smaller and more bio-available than any other mineral source. Replenishing nutrients that have been lost in our soil and food, while accelerating healthy immune and repair activity within the skin and body, these water-soluble fulvic and humic minerals enhance the body’s absorption of energy frequencies, reviving healthy cell function for restored overall well being and a thriving complexion. Beyond the mineral enhancement, you will also find luxurious flakes of 24-karat gold in the new clear bottles. Renowned for its ability to strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation, gold is also said to sharpen mental focus, decrease stress, and enhance spiritual well-being. Please note, while the formulas have all changes, the foundational frequencies have not. If you used and loved a specific formula before, you will still use the same formula. It will just be more effective due to the minerals and have the additional benefits of the gold!
1. Skin Perfection is now Skin Perfection elixir
2. Inner Harmony is now Ageless Vitality elixir
3. Hormone Water is now Hormone Relief elixir
4. UV Water is now Sun Defense elixir (no tan) and Sun Defense Bronzing elixir (tan-enhancing)
  • Some of the Elixirs (previously waters) have gone up in size and price. Please note their price per ml is almost exactly the same!
  •  Because the minerals and gold can settle in the Elixirs it is important to shake them before use.

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Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

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