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Sacred Rage and Self Care

“When a woman is at home in her wildness, rooted in her instincts, and attuned to the voice of her deepest knowing, she is a formidable presence…[and] thunders after injustice.” —Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who run with the Wolves


I’m going to talk about rage and self-care.

There have been a few times in my life I’ve had to reckon with rage. The first I recall was after I left an abusive relationship when I was 22. When I went to therapy, my therapist pointed out my lack of anger towards my abuser. I’ve always been someone who has tried to engage with life in a conscious way, striving not to feel like a victim, but at times it bypasses the messy emotions of the human experience, and I had turned the responsibility of his bad behavior all on myself, resulting in crippling depression. Once I connected with my anger, I felt so powerful. Internally, I held him accountable for his wrong doings, and I tenderly cared for my wounded heart. The next time he tried to manipulate me, he saw a side he had never seen before, my Righteous Anger!

Feeling your Feelings = Self Care

Then, part of my post-partum journey in 2018 was coming to understand my rage as SACRED. My rage was not towards my son but towards the many “forces” that I felt were asking me to do the impossible, dismissing my humanity during the most vulnerable time in my life, and stripping me of my worth at a time where I significantly stepped back from the unrelenting participation as a cog in the wheel of capitalism. My birth experience included nearly losing my own life along with my son’s; the gift of that intense pain and vulnerability was that a fierce boundary was drawn inside my being: I would protect my son and the bond we shared like a Lionness. For once in my life, I’d put myself above all else because I understood in every cell WE would not survive any other way.

Boundaries = Self Care

I find myself filled with rage again during this pandemic period in time, expected to overcome the impossible, isolated and alone.

So much of keeping the wheels from coming off completely is falling disproportionately to women: Nurses, Teachers, Mother’s, BIPOC.

Oppressed, disregarded and marginalized, we are facing the undeniable reality of injustices that have pushed us way too far, for way too long.

SACRED RAGE is your soul’s way of saying, “This is not acceptable.” It’s your body’s way of saying, “My humanity is not being honored.”

So, how do we channel this Sacred Rage into Sacred Action? How do we as Women reclaim our power AND become well-resourced enough to take effective action to create the necessary changes we want to experience in the world?

SELF-CARE has been diluted by the media and exploited by Capitalism to convince you to outsource and buy your way to wellness.

The only requirement for Self-Care is your SELF and your ATTENTION.

The Spa industry has been corrupted by Capitalism, like all have. That’s not to say it’s not full of people with the best of intentions who are doing their part to create positive shifts, myself included!

But truly, the “gift of spa” isn’t receiving a service by a skilled Professional in a gorgeous space. Though don’t get me wrong, I ADORE being in beautiful spa settings, it appeals to my Taurus Rising/Pisces Sun nature!

Spa is, in its truest sense, the use of mineral rich waters for therapeutic benefits. It’s lifestyle practices (which may include visiting a Commercial Spa) that create change in the body. These biological changes then free up our minds to create solutions for a future society that INCLUDES the body.

Women’s Bodies, BIPOC bodies. So let’s heal the world, including and starting with our SELVES.

Your wild body remembers itself when it’s with the water. Somehow, some way, be with the water every day.




I’m here to help, starting with running a bath for myself.


With love (the force behind the rage!), gratitude, and beauty



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