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Each facial session is tailored to meet your skin’s unique, constantly varying needs and includes your face, neck and decollete. My efficacious, evolved, non-invasive approach is designed to support you in flourishing long-term -- mind, body, spirit and skin.


Please note:

First time clients are required to book The First Reveal.

The Essential Express is for returning clients only.




The First Reveal 

100 minutes  |  $200


First time visits only. This service is the Essential Facial with an extended consultation and home care guidance. Additionally, new clients receive 15% off their first retail purchase.


The Essential Express

40 minutes  |  $90


Recommended as an attunement between your Essential Reveal Sessions, to amplify results or simply tune back into yourself. 

Note: Clients will remain clothed during this session, so it is recommended you wear garments allowing access to neck and decollete (a v-neck t-shirt or camisole works well). 


The Essential Reveal

70 minutes   |  $165


An elevated, comprehensive facial experience to harmonize the function of your skin and address concerns such as adult acne, rosacea, aging and overall skin health.


Reveal The Queen

100 minutes  |  $225


This hybrid facial and energy healing experience integrates The Essential Reveal with my signature beauty activation, assisting you in reclaiming your sovereignty, awakening the Queen within, and restoring your radiance from skin to soul.







Each multi-sensory facial session includes:


Skin health review

Session-directing Skintention

Deep Cleansing

Cell Renewal Stimulation

Bioavailable Topical Skin Nutrition

Aromatherapy Steam Towel Compressing

Barrier Function Support

Lymph and Fascia attention

Parasympathetic (rest and digest) Nervous System Activation

Intentional Breathing

Intuitive Touch

High-vibe Soundscape

Loving Presence


During your session, your body is supported by a heated, body-contoured table with a Grounding Mat and wrapped in luxe linens.

Sessions are concluded with a Beauty Mantra, topical home care recommendations and lifestyle suggestions for continued amplification of your Skintention.



I draw from a deep well of resources to support your skin’s innate vibrancy.


Your session may include any of the following, depending on your skin’s needs:


Nano Pen (microchanneling) Technology; Ultrasonic Soundwave Therapy; LED Light Therapy; Osmosis MD Facial Infusion Dermal Rejuvenation; Atomizer Facial Steaming; Gemstone Rolling; Kansa Wand Massage; Gua Sha; Manual Lymphatic Drainage; Various Facial and Scalp Massage Techniques; Hand, Arm and Shoulder Massage; Diverse Mindfulness Practices


For more details read my Modalities page.


You’ll leave looking and feeling more relaxed, nourished, vibrant, empowered and radiant.