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Why daily SPF is a MUST in Winter!

Daily, non-chemical SPF is a must for healthy skin. Yes, even in Winter!

While it’s true shorter, UVB (burning) rays are shorter in winter and don’t reach us as much, the longer, more damaging UVA (aging) rays are just as strong and sometimes, when bouncing off of clouds and snow, are even stronger!  Even when it’s cold and overcast, you need to be protected. 80% of UVA rays penetrate through clouds, and you can actually receive twice as much exposure as these light rays reflect back and forth.

Additionally, blue light radiation from our computer and smart phone screens are a growing concern. They penetrate into the skin’s dermis, leading to oxidative stress and premature aging. Most of us are spending HOURS a day exposed to this radiation!! These high energy wavelengths contribute to an increase of free radical activity, cause wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, loss of elasticity, collagen breakdown and so much more.

In these modern times, I believe it’s a must to first, boost your antioxidant supply and immune system by eating the rainbow in whole, organic foods. Limit unnecessary exposure to blue light (LESS screen time! Consider a regular fast from screen time!), protect your skin’s barrier by not stripping it with harsh cleansers, exfoliants or acids. Lastly, to use a good quality antioxidant serum to protect or even reverse DNA damage from these rays, and non-chemical, non-nano Zinc SPF 30 EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

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